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Breeder :  Station de Recherché du Comité Nord, France


Crossbreed:  Concorde  x  ( Agria  x Hydride)

Maturity: Very early (90 days), good tuber breakdown by maturity

Figure tuber: oval, yellow skin, yellow flesh

Dry matter: 18-20%

Cooking Quality: Tight after cooking. Good for all types of cooking (boiled, baked, fried)

Cooking Type:  ΑΒ

Dormancy period: Short


Tuber blight: Resistant

Leaf blight: Moderately Susceptible

Νηματώδης  Globodera   rostochiensis  :  Resistant R01-4

Technical advice:

Planting deep enough to avoid greening of tubers.

Nitrogen:17 μον / στρ.


The foliage must be destroyed in order to have matured nicely and cooked skin. So we better lethargy and storage capacity of the tubers.Harvesting should be done in 15 days after the destruction of the foliage for good baking skin.


Early variety for marketing early in the season, good storage until January-February.

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